To be a market leader in the manufacturing of building materials industry in West Africa and cover all the market needs with convenient prices and best quality


To own the largets market share in the manufacturing company of tile adhesive


ITALKOL is local company established in Ghana (West Africa) in 2016 to bring unique building materials and specialized products to the African market after intensive research.Venturing to Ghana has been successful after having our products excel successfully in Europe for many years.At the moment we are producing dry products cement based white and grey colors (Tile Adhesives, Dry Mortar, Decorative Renders, Waterproofing and Concrete Hardeners).

We pride ourselves with the quality of materials and solutions we provide with a keen attention on competitive pricing especially to our partners in sales.To date we have engaged in Ghana with several projects and our customers are very happy with our solutions.

ITALKOL is own by a very dedicated and ambitious shareholders, that works daily side by side with the team in order to grow the business at the aimed level.


Looking for a first-class business partner?



ITALKOL is dedicated to its development and the technology renovations, creativity the technical sophistication the management of the projects considering the time and money.

ITALKOL helps it clients with technology and finance from the start of the projects, our staff gives the best product advice and technical support that makes the deference and dominated everywhere we are.

Our management team consists of vibrant mix of young and energetic individuals whose career background and expertise cover Accounting , Business, Engineering and Marketing . These individuals are motivated by a common desire to build ITALKOL COMPANY into a strong reputable company that will instill pride in the hearts of its employees and a strong brand in mind of its customers capable of serving the expanding economy in West Africa

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